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Eni Slovenija

Qlik solutions save 2 days per month for reporting and ensure controlling in the true sense of the world

As part of an international group and a company that operates in an industry with strict legislative and regulative requirements that determine operations to a great extent, Eni Slovenija is obligated to provide highly accurate reports. The company faced the challenges of increasing the speed of reporting and improving control and data quality.

"I can only say good things about Adacta as a solution implementer. The people I worked with understood what I wanted and how to realize my requirements. Qlik solution was implemented in record time and we were able to see the benefits within 3 months after acquiring licenses."

- Eva Mihelčič, Head of Accounting and Finance
"The system is easy to use and users can learn it easily. Qlik has become our daily companion."

- Uršula Dobrovoljc, Controller


Eni Slovenija is a part of an international group that operates in 83 countries and employs 84,000 people. The company's core activities are wholesale and retail trading of oil products in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Albania and Kosovo, where it employs 12 people. 

Background and business requirements

Among the business challenges faced by Eni Slovenija is the regulated retail market that affects wholesale margins, increased environmental taxes that cannot be offset by retail margins, difficulties with supplying energy products and the dominant market position of the largest competitor. The growth of the company in existing markets is limited due to saturation, which is why opportunities for growth are mainly limited to entering new markets and Eni Slovenija responded by entering the Albanian market in 2010. Technology challenges relate to system integration and resulting reporting that is very detailed and standardized.

Before implementing Qlik solutions, the Accounting and Finance department used data from Dynamics NAV. To prepare numerous reports, they needed to combine it manually with other relevant data stored in Excel spreadsheets. The company wanted to create a unified environment in which all the necessary analyzes and reports would be designed.

Eni Slovenija was looking for a solution that would integrate data from various sources, help reduce the time needed to produce financial reports and make it possible to detect data anomalies. At the same time, the company wanted to empower individual users and give them more autonomy when discovering correlations between data points and creating new custom reports.

Decision to use Qlik

In addition to a single partner that would handle both accounting as well as business intelligence systems, the decisive factors for selecting Qlik were the price and the speed of implementation. Adacta implemented Dynamics NAV in Eni Slovenija and then demonstrated the Qlik solution and its references for the implementation of business intelligence systems in companies in the Adriatic region. Eni Slovenija immediately recognized the benefits of Qlik solutions for their business. The short implementation cycle and the ability to use the solution within a few months after the implementation were an additional argument that motivated the decision.

Qlik was deployed in two stages. During the first stage, two applications were developed and implemented:

  • Qlik application for controlling the retail interface, and
  • Qlik application for controlling.

3 months after the start of the project, users have already begun using the new solution, which surprised them both in terms of flexibility as well as the independence they had when creating additional analyses with a single click.
Once users began using Qlik and saw how flexible and user-friendly the environment is, their wishes for developing additional applications became clearer. The second stage of the project involved the refinement of both applications and the development of additional company and industry-specific applications:

  • Qlik application for controlling the retail interface,
  • Qlik application for sales analysis,
  • Qlik application for controlling accounting data from Dynamics NAV, and others.

Results and benefits of the Qlik solution

At the international level, Eni Group operates a complex interface used by individual group companies to submit reports needed for financial consolidation. The new Qlik solution was specifically adapted for exporting data in the structure that can be easily recognized and read by the consolidation system. This ensures that reporting is fully compliant with the Eni Group requirements.

Eni Slovenija particularly appreciates the ease of use of the new Qlik solutions since additional analyses can be created by the users themselves. This significantly reduces the time needed to prepare analyses and reports.

The new solution also makes it easier for the company to detect accounting data anomalies, incorrect postings or interface errors. The company estimates that the new Qlik solution saves them 2 days per month that would otherwise be wasted on preparing reports. This gives them additional precious time to validate and analyze data and eliminate data anomalies and improve reporting quality.
The new solution also provided the company leadership with control over data and gives them the key information they need to make important business decisions (monitoring performance against plans in real time, information needed to optimize costs). It is also faster and more intuitive to analyze margins and business results.


The main advantages of introducing Qlik solutions to Eni Slovenija are faster reporting, ease of use in daily work and the ability for users to create additional ad hoc analyses. Improved internal control over data resulted in improved quality of reporting, and the company's management now has the information they need to make important business decisions.


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