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Adria Airways

Adria Airways gets the most out of the new, all-in-1 solution

Adria Airways, the Slovenian national airline,  opted for a difficult, but necessary project: renovation of business information system. In the first stage, the project was aimed at implementation of new, integrated business solution. The second stage anticipated the upgrade of the existing CRM solution and the third one the introduction of business intelligence solution. 

"The most important objectives of the project were: good common database our loyal customers, information transparency, increased accuracy of data, simplification of the ticket sales and reservation and maximum security of customers’ personal data."

- Metka Grošl, Project Manager, Adria Airways

After conducting a careful analysis of the required business solution, the following set of criteria has prevailed:

- The preferred solution had to be internationally implemented and rated as “standard” by business world;
- It had to incorporate modern accounting and financial systems, to optimize accounting procedures
- It had to be convenient, scalable and receptive to Slovenian localization
- It had to incorporate development of specific interfaces capable of supporting the local business policies
- To provide support for the customer loyalty program
- To offer extensive, in depth reporting and analysis
- To fit into the price budget

In respect to above mentioned criteria, the management of Adria Airways has come to a decision to introduce Microsoft Dynamics NAV. As a solution suitable for handling customer relations, they settled for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Special attention was paid to the selection of the implementation partner. Adata from Ljubljana was their final choice, primarily due to the experience on similar projects, the offered price range and the long history of being certified as Microsoft Gold partner.

After six months of preparations, on 1st of January, 2007 Adacta and Adria Airways released the new information system. The solution joined nearly 30 different integration interfaces. In the first couple of months, the project team was adding new details and business procedures on daily basis. The system performance was constantly monitored and measured. At this stage of the project, Adacta’s team of consultants ad developers addressed most of the problems inherited from the previous IT solution, integrated the data coming from diverse sources and established appropriate internal controls.


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