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Adriatic Slovenica

Adriatic Slovenica is the second largest insurance company in Slovenia, with a highly developed market network and a wide range of services in the area of life, medical and property insurance.

Adriatic Slovenica believes that a successful use of BI systems, especially the QlikView solution, significantly improved their business success in the very first year of its use, significantly improving the quality of decision making. BI system is therefore developed into one of the key systems to achieve business success through development of substantial competitive advantages.




Thanks to numerous advanced features of the new BI solution, Alca Trading managed to significantly increase efficiency and sales realization. Implementation first started with collection of data from multiple data sources, and continued through optimization of business operations in one of the distribution divisions. The first stage of the project included data analysis and sales and finances analysis. Some of the plans used in these processes were not located in the original ERP system. One of the main challenges for Adacta’s experts was integration of the missing data in a simple and modular way.



In the world of gaming, Interblock is an established and distinctive brand, positioned among global leaders in terms of innovation and rapid development of new gaming products. Interblock has more than 25 years of experience in building gaming machines which stand out for their design and unique approaches to attracting players. For the company, the key breakthrough that put them on the global gaming map was the acquisition of the Nevada gaming license in 2008. This enabled the company to begin selling its gaming machines on the demanding and highly regulated North American market.



Before the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, the ERP solution of Almex Group consisted of a large number of independent software for various business tasks. A number of business operations was not covered by the information system, which prevented employees from recording important events, or from creating an internal independent evidence.